Sorry I been MIA

Hi everyone!

Man, it has been a while seen I was around. Like a year?

Since my last release in early 2021, my work life has been crazy. I was given more tasks at my full-time job and I needed the time to sit and learn everything. Then by the time I was ready to start writing in December of 2021, I got covid 19. From that time in December to March of 2022, I have been in and out of the hospital and if you follow me on my Instagram then you already know the rest. I won’t get into it again, for your sake. 

Well when I wasn’t knocked out from the meds or pain, I had manage to start a new novel, which I now have planned as a five-book series. I am almost complete with book one, and I am loving the characters. It is my first dark romance novel and I thought it would be hard to write but the words flow so easily when I manage to write. 

I don’t want to give away too much! I just hope you’ll love book one and follow the stories in the series as I manage to write and publish them. But for sneak peeks, and teasers, continue to watch my Instagram :).

That is all I have for today, as I sit here again in the hospital. 

P.S: Can you tell how new I am at blogging and suck at it lol. I’ll try and get better.

XOX Loves,


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