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Content Warning: Discussions of miscarriage, infertility, a recap of suicide in family, strong sexual content, and strong adult language.



My family situation is complicated and when Jason and I married he knew that. He knew I was too. I am a ruthless and aggressive woman at times, but I am a Meikle.

Everything I could ever want is mine or at my fingertips. Except my husband and family is beyond my reach while I seek justice for my own peace of mind.

 However, I can gain all three back easily. All I have to do is find the right deal for all three. Beginning with my husband and a bribe he can’t refuse.


I wanted one thing. Well, I thought I wanted one thing. My wife can be very persuasive when she wants to be, but going back isn’t so cut and dried.

My wife’s family is complicated and her role in it has been evolving for years. I only wanted open communication and our marriage back.

With her gaining more power, how can I handle the woman I thought I would grow old with, taking the throne of the Meikle empire?



“Why her?” I repeated the question with amusement. “I didn’t think there was a limit on high society women, that I could only have one and that being only you.”

            Not happy with that answer Maja got out of bed, taking the sheet with her as I sat in bed with only my grey boxers on. “You know for all that charm you put on it disappears really quickly when the topic of Lorenzo comes up.”

            “That’s because of all the men in your world Cupcake you chose the one man you know I hate.”

            “I’m sorry, maybe next time I’ll ask you, if you answer your phone.” She stopped halfway to the bathroom and spun around. “Oh, I forgot, you changed your number on me!”

            “Like you couldn’t get it if you tried hard enough!!” I snapped back, irritated by her response, I got out of bed and picked up my shirt from of the ground. “Maybe if you hadn’t kept calling without wanting to talk about our problems, I wouldn’t have changed my number. Every time I answered you only wanted me to come home, and to what?” My voice started to raise. “A wife who wasn’t home to begin with and when she was home, she was locked in her office working and ordering Evelyn to keep me occupied so that I won’t bother her!”

            “I’m not doing that. Not now.”

            “Yes, we are!” I ran over to her and grabbed her wrist. “You wanted me back remember and I came with the agreement that we try to fix us. That means we talk, and we are going to talk now.”

            Shaking her head franticly and twisting her wrist in my hand, Maja pushed at my chest. “Jason this is not the time! We have to get ready and I have things to do.”

            “Do you want a marriage of love or ownership, Maja?! Because I am feeling very much like a pet more than a husband!” She squirmed in my hold. “How much of me do you want?” My question stopped her squirming, and she froze with a frown on her face.


            “It’s a simple question. How much of me do you want?”