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Content Warning: Mention of suicide, strong sexual content, and strong adult language.




I am running out of time and I need money to escape so when my prison boyfriend picked billionaire Christoff J. Meikle as our target, hacking into his network system is harder than it seems.

And I don’t have time to write a new program to bypass his state-of-the-art program.

With plan A out, plan B is a risky one. But one I had to take.

I pray, I don’t die.


My family depends on me and my marriage to…

I have to marry and soon. But Luelle Poole is intriguing and I want more.

I want her love and I was going to get it. I am going to keep Luelle the hacker and I am going to protect my family at all cost.



“He’s coming out. His driver just had the car come around. Are you ready?”

There was a grumble on the other end. “Ready?! I thought you said, you would think of something else?! We’ve been here two hours and you can’t come up with a better plan than this?!”

I rolled my eyes hearing Jason complain. What I was about to do was plan B which I had made in case I couldn’t think of a plan A. “Look I paid you, okay? Just get into place and do what you got paid for please. If he leaves and I don’t get paid, then I’ll gladly let Gerald know –”

“Fine!” Jason quickly cut me off. “But I won’t like it. Just try not to die, Elle.”

He hung up and I placed the phone back into my pocket. I, myself, hoped I wouldn’t die too, with what was about to happen. Running across to where I knew the car would be heading, I stood on the sidewalk as the cars passed by and pulled my phone out again. Unlocking the phone, I took a deep breath and sent a small prayer up to God.

I don’t know when Christoff got into the car, I only saw the white Mulsanne drive off and make a left towards me in order to turn onto the main road of Brickell Avenue. With the other pedestrians moving so quickly behind me, my heart skipped a beat as I watched in slow motion as the car approached.

Wondering where Jason was, panic shot its way through my veins and I glanced down at my phone to text Jason again, when suddenly I felt a firm hand on my back, followed by a hard shove forward.