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Content Warning: Discussion of PTSD from serving in the Army and surviving. A recap of survival and cause of PTSD, strong sexual content, and strong adult language.



Billionaire Rolf J. Meikle is overbearing, a wild beast and my worst nightmare!

I have hated this man since the beginning of time!

When he volunteers to become my husband because his brother, my one true love secretly weds another woman, my father accepts the terms of his deal.

I don’t need another man in my life controlling me. I won’t allow it. I have my own life and Rolf will only get in my way. I need a way to be rid of him, for good.

But why is it that when we kiss it feels so right?


Volunteering to marry the woman you slandered to her face every chance you got is not the wisest idea ever, but I did it.

Now, I have to come to terms with having Gianna Mancini as my wife and keep our history a secret from this mafia princess.

Watching as Gianna shows her true self only to me, I can’t help but slowly fall for my gorgeous wife. Protecting her while trying to uncover the truth of what happened between our fathers is a priority, especially when she tells me that she loves me!