Broken Crowns

“Broken Crowns left me speechless. It is an unbelievable read and I would highly recommend everyone meet Leandro Scavo.” – Goodreads


Leandro was supposed to protect me. He failed me, covered me in blood, and broke my innocence.

Leandro was to love me, but I knew we had no future.

So, I made a decision, and it has been five years since I last saw him. Now he stands before me, not only as my husband but as my Don.

My decision freed me but destroyed the Leandro I knew. This Leandro was covered by darkness and cruelty, and I was drawn to him like a bee to honey.

The more I get to know the man, the more it makes me question everything I know to be right and wrong.

But he is still the boy I knew and even though I needed him to love me, how long before I fall to the unmerciful side of Leandro Scavo, and love him?

Content Warning: Broken Crowns is the first book in the Kingdom of Lies & Truths series. It is a dark new adult mafia romance that includes scenes that may be disturbing to some. (Mention of human trafficking, mentions of sexual child abuse (does not go into graphic detail), graphic murder & torture scenes, strong sexual scenes, strong adult language and talks of blood). Recommended for readers 18+.

Published March 9, 2023