Message from Empress Chang

Hey there!! I wanted to take this time to thank you so much for your interest in me and my books. When I started writing it was a hobby. Now, it’s my greatest desire to share my words with you!

As you know the greatest help you can be for an author is to leave reviews. So, if you received an ARC from me or any PR company I work with or you simply purchased my novel, please review the criteria listed below.


– You agree to Read and Review Advanced Reader Copies of Empress Chang’s upcoming releases.

– AMAZON and GOODREADS reviews are mandatory. BOOKBUB is optional.

– Reviews are due on RELEASE DAY.

– Sharing ARCs is strictly prohibited and you will not receive future ARCs. You agree to not share, reproduce, replicate, sell, or otherwise illegally distribute the book provided to you.

– You understand that when receiving an Advanced Reader Copy that it is likely not the final revised copy, so you agree to not give poor ratings for any grammar/spelling errors.

– You agree to not share spoilers in your review without adding a spoiler tag/warning.


At the end of your review, we request that you use the following wording: “I voluntarily reviewed an advance complimentary copy of this book.”

Do NOT write: “I received a free copy/ARC for a review.” <—There is a 99.9% chance that Amazon will block your review and/or remove others’ reviews if you write this.



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